👯‍♀️ Girls Trip

Ajay: I’ll admit, when my wife wanted to watch Girls Trip, I was a little skeptical.

“Really, a movie about a girls trip? Fiiiiine, you really hated furniture shopping with me for 4 hours, you deserve it.”

This movie ended up being amazing, and I am sorry that I ever doubted Mona. It’s obviously about four ladies on a girls trip after they’ve been losing touch. But that’s where the cliches stop, and the craziness begins. If you’re not into raucous humor, I don’t think you’ll like this one. But if you are, I’d highly recommend this movie. Unexpectly hilarious!

Mona: Laaaaaaadiiiiieeeeeesss! 💁🏽‍♀️💅🏽🍊

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